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Reo Vibratory Feeder Controllers

Reo Vibratory Feeder Controllers

Product Details

  • Pioneer Automation LLC is an authorized distributor for REO™ products. REO™ manufactures controllers for vibratory feeder bowls. The digital variable frequency models automatically tune the output frequency of the controller to match the needs of the feeder bowl. The thyristor models constantly monitor the power input and adjust the output to maintain the feed rate.

  • Reo controllers can be used to:

    • Analyze feed systems to find the cause of problems

    • Analyze the natural frequency to tune a drive unit
    • Maintain a constant amplitude in a feeder bowl

A variety of vibratory feeder controllers are available to suit your specific application.  Options include:  sealed aluminum enclosures, external switch connectors, touch panel interfaces.  All Reo controllers are CE marked and comply with European EMC directives.